our team

Leighana Shockey

Director of Operations
As director of operations at Camp Kindle, Leighana oversees all aspects of the experience of our campers. She is responsible for making sure everyone has a fantastic time while they are at our amazing facility in the majestic beauty of the Alberta foothills. She makes sure that the very best camp experience happens for every person who enters the gates.

Wes Aitken

Camp Program Coordinator
As Camp Program Coordinator, Wes gets to see the best side of Kids Cancer Care everyday. Working with the campers and staff, is one of the most fulfilling things about his job. A typical day for Wes is interacting with campers, running programs and guiding staff to success . . . not to mention he will have walked about five km a day moving around so fast!

Kris Lashmore

Maintenance Manager
Kris Lashmore is Camp Kindle’s maintenance manager. He has eight years of maintenance experience and several years of experience operating machinery. Kris is very proud to be working for Kids Cancer Care and feels privileged to be part of Camp Kindle’s growth.

Meaghan McNamee

Kitchen Coordinator
Meaghan is responsible for managing the catering department including staffing, all food services, overseeing and participating in meal preparation and helping coordinate and host special events and non-programming groups renting the facilities. You'll see her zooming around camp keeping everyone happy! And that's why her camp name is Zoom!

Daniel Pederson

Maintenance Assistant
Dan is the maintenance assistant at Camp Kindle, which roughly translates into ‘the guy who does everything you ask.’ He works year-round doing anything from shoveling and plowing snow to mowing grass and just about anything in between.

Ben Pointer

Camp Program Coordinator
As camp program coordinator, Ben interacts with campers, runs programs and helps the staff to achieve their goals. His favorite part of working at camp is getting to see the campers and the staff grow into their surroundings.

Mohammed Syed

Catering and Food Services Manager
My day to day includes overseeing the food and beverage operations at Camp Kindle to ensure that we are always striving to exceed our guests expectations. I ensure that the product is of highest possible quality with regards to food safety, I prepare healthy and nutritional meals, oversee presentation and menu selection with fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. I believe the food speaks for itself - so I hope to see you at Camp Kindle soon!


Official Camp Kindle Dog
Pippin loves living at Camp Kindle. He truly is "man's best friend"... and every staff member and campers best friend too!