Privacy Policy

Kids Cancer Care never sells, trades, or loans information to any other organization. We will use information only for follow-up contact (such as our newsletters), statistical purposes and to process and recognize donations.

Personal information gathered by our organization is kept in confidence. Our staff and volunteers are authorized to access personal information based only on their need to deal with the information for the reason(s) for which it was obtained. Safeguards are in place to ensure that the information is not disclosed or shared more widely than is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was gathered. We also take measures to ensure that the integrity of this information is maintained and to prevent its being lost or destroyed.

Website and Electronic Commerce
Kids Cancer Care does not automatically gather any personal information from website visitors, such as names, phone numbers, street addresses, or email addresses during visits to our website. Information is obtained only if it is supplied voluntarily, through online registration or email. This site does monitor traffic to count the number of visits, but it does not identify individual users. We use password protocols and encryption software to protect personal and other information we receive when donations are made online. Our software is routinely updated to maximize protection of such information.

Contact Information
Question, concerns or complaints relating to our privacy policy on the treatment of personal information should be emailed to Christine McIver. Kids Cancer Care is committed to responding to inquiries and complaints within a reasonable time period (no more than 30 days) and with minimal cost to the individual. Further information on your privacy and rights regarding your personal information may be found on the Privacy Commissioner of Canada website.