What are your daily rates?

We are happy to provide our all-inclusive rate that includes staffing needs, meals, and program selections. For more information on the cost for your group, please submit a booking request here.

What can I expect from the Camp Kindle staff?

You can expect an experienced and enthusiastic staff, always willing to go the extra mile and do it with a smile.  They’re fully trained in outdoor recreation, and will work tirelessly with any group leaders to customize your visit down to the smallest detail.

All of our staff are certified in First Aid with specialized training that covers everything from health and safety to programming and creating cohesive teams.

What’s the best way to get to Camp Kindle?

We have a great relationship with First Student Canada School Bus Transportation and can gladly provide you with their contact information. Whether by bus, or your own personal vehicles, our Program Coordinators will work with you to determine the best arrival/departure times for your group.

What sorts of emergency procedures are in place?

If a medical emergency arises, an ambulance can be dispatched, and if required, the camper will be directed to the Sundre, Cochrane or the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. We would transport an adult to the Foothills Hospital in Calgary.

Camp Kindle has emergency procedures in place to deal with fires, First Aid, evacuations and lost campers. There are clearly posted muster points and everyone who comes to camp will learn these procedures during their welcome and orientation.

Can Camp Kindle accommodate allergy and dietary needs?

Our kitchen staff is happy to work with you to accommodate any dietary needs. 3 weeks prior to you arriving at camp, we ask that you inform us of all dietary requirements, that way we can ensure all dietary needs are met for your stay. 

Is there a “lost and found” department?

If any lost item is located after your departure, it will be washed and sent to the Kids Cancer Care office in Calgary to be picked up. Note: due to health and safety concerns, we do not permit pick up directly from Camp Kindle