why choose camp kindle?

Camp Kindle is a special place. Not because of where it is, although it’s in a beautiful setting. Not because of what it looks like, even though the rooms and all facilities are great. Not even because of the activities and the food, even though you have tons to do and explore and the food is amazing. It’s special because of who is in it and how you feel while you’re there. Those who come to visit and those who greet them with welcoming hearts and warm smiles. You can feel the energy, the warmth. You feel like you belong, like you came to visit an old friend.

At Camp Kindle, we believe in the resilience of the human spirit, in the importance of friendship and trust, belonging and teamwork. Camp Kindle is a place where we honour and learn from nature, from each other, from our stories and our experiences, our pain and our joy.

It’s a source of strength and inspiration, a catalyst for courage and hope, a reminder of our potential and the ability we have to live in joy and to help others live a more positive and caring life. It’s a place you leave wanting more. It’s a place where spirits are kindled.


  • Beautiful state-of-the-art facilities including new lodge, dorms, pool and a hot tub. Accredited by the Alberta Camping Association (ACA);
  • We can customize your visit down to the smallest detail. Choose your menus, programs and sit back, relax and enjoy your time at Camp Kindle;
  • By supporting Camp Kindle, you’re also supporting the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta.