what happens at camp kindle?


Upon arrival, buses will be greeted by our program staff at Jayman Lodge (at the top of the hill). Students will get off the bus and begin a luggage line to unload bags and equipment.

Community Meeting

Once the buses have been unloaded, everyone will gather in the main lodge for a community meeting. At this time, we go over Camp Kindle’s three ‘Respects’ and discuss what we expect of the students. We also explain our emergency procedures and other need-to-know information.


After the community meeting, students will go for a tour of the area in order to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. Students will then put their luggage in their assigned rooms.


Teams will meet their meal host who will welcome the students inside to take off their shoes, wash their hands and take a seat. The meal host will facilitate a pre-meal thought and make announcements before sending students up to get food. Each meal, the teams will send one table-setter in to set their team’s table 10 minutes before the meal is served.