supervisor information


We are happy to provide our all-inclusive rate that includes staffing needs, meals, and program selections. 

Participant Care

All Camp Kindle staff are certified with First Aid training and have gone through extensive screening including a police check with vulnerable sector screening . Training includes everything from health and safety, to programming, inclusion, and even working with homesickness. Camp staff are proud of their camp, and we’re proud of their dedication to giving every camper an amazing camp experience! Our priority is safety and well-being.


Campers must be supervised 24-hours a day while enjoying Camp Kindle. Staff are present and involved during every program and activity. During other times, such as night-time or rest periods, campers must be supervised by the user group staff and volunteers. we recommend a supervisor/camper ratio of 1:10. 

Parent Meeting

If you would like a member of the Camp Kindle team to visit your group or school prior to booking the camp, please ask! We’d be happy to meet with chaperones, parents, supervisors and participants to answer any questions and discuss your booking.  This is an added service – there is no fee, but please request your meeting at the time of your booking.

Non-Urgent & Emergency Transportation

Groups are responsible for transporting participants in the case of non-urgent and emergency situations. They must have at least one vehicle on site for this purpose. Camp Kindle will provide a list of nearby urgent and non-urgent care facilities.


The dispensing of any medication is the sole responsibility of the designated team leader or chaperone. Campers who carry  inhalers or EpiPens may still do so, but all other medications should be labeled with each participant’s name, and placed in a ziplock bag. Please leave medications in their original containers to avoid confusion. If possible, please provide duplicates of all prescriptions so a backup is available.

Medications should be handed directly to supervisors/chaperones when participants are dropped off, and will be kept in the ReKindle Clinic.

Emergency Procedures

If a medical emergency arises, an ambulance or STARS can be dispatched, and if required, the camper will be directed to the Sundre, Cochrane or the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.

Camp Kindle has emergency procedures in place to deal with fires, First Aid, evacuations and lost campers. There are clearly posted muster points and everyone who comes to camp will learn these procedures during their welcome orientation.

Medical Waiver Forms

For CBE schools, only the school board forms are required for students to participate in Camp Kindle programs. For all other user groups, a Camp Kindle waiver form must be completed prior to camp, signed by all parents/guardians, and submitted to the Camp staff upon arrival.

Teachers/chaperones should have a copy of current contact information and Alberta Health Care information for all participants. Camp Kindle staff must be informed of any pertinent information prior to arrival, such as allergies, dietary needs, challenging behaviours, or specific medical conditions that could impact their ability to engage in activities.

Lost and Found

If any lost item is located after your departure, it will be washed and sent to the Kids Cancer Care office in Calgary to be picked up. Note: due to health and safety concerns, we do not permit pick up directly from Camp Kindle. After 2 weeks, unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity.

Emergency Phone Number

Parent/guardians can contact their children by phoning the main line at 403-637-3975 ext 242. PLEASE NOTE there is no cell phone service at Camp Kindle but we are happy to provide use of landlines for emergency situations.